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U.S. Copyright Office Issues Two Interim Rules and One Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Related to the Music Modernization Act

Pursuant to the Musical Works Modernization Act, Title I of the Orrin G. Hatch–Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act (MMA), the Copyright Office has issued two interim rules and one notice of proposed rulemaking.

The MMA directs the Office to adopt a number of regulations to govern the new blanket licensing regime, including regulations regarding notices of license, notices of nonblanket activity, usage reports and adjustments, information to be included in the public musical works database, database usability, and interoperability and usage restrictions.

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RIAA Releases 2020 Mid-Year Data on U.S. Consumer Listening and Recorded Music Revenues

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today released its mid-year 2020 report showing growth in paid subscription streaming more than offsetting revenue declines in other areas of the U.S. recorded music market, and detailing ways the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the market for music.

Among the key findings, total first-half 2020 revenues from recorded music in the U.S. increased 5.6% to $5.7 billion. Paid streaming subscriptions continued to drive the growth as the number of paid subscriptions increased by 24% to more than 72 million on average, growing subscription streaming revenues for first-half 2020 by 14% versus first-half 2019. At the same time, with advertising markets slowing across the economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, growth in ad-supported streaming revenues slowed dramatically. Physical sales, including vinyl albums and compact discs, were also affected by the pandemic and fell 23%.

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#iVoted Expands Reach In New Digital Paradigm With Massive Election Night Webcast

America’s two major political parties don’t agree on much these days, but politicians on both sides of the aisle still parrot the conventional wisdom that the youth vote is unreliable.

And, unlike lots of political rhetoric today, the observation is grounded in reality: In the 2016 presidential election, citizens over 65 reported a turnout of 70.9%, far surpassing the 46.1% figure notched by the 18- to 29-year-old demographic, according to U.S. Census data.

Enter #iVoted, the nonpartisan voter turnout organization that burst onto the scene in 2018 with a simple model: voters get entry to a rad concert that night.

“The turnout numbers amongst young people are just awful,” says #iVoted founder Emily White. “Can we make it more interesting to you by tying a concert to it?”

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#iVoted Initiative to Break All Records with Election Night Virtual Concerts
The list of performers is growing daily with over 225 committed thus far with many notable artists and another 700-900 more acts to be confirmed, making this the largest single night digital concert ever.

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Eddy Grant sues Donald Trump

In part 4,000,876 of our regular series ‘Musicians Fucked Off That Donald Trump Used Their Music’ we have another lawsuit for you. Although this one is seemingly more straightforward. Eddy Grant has sued Trump over his use of ‘Electric Avenue’ in a campaign video posted to Twitter last month.

Countless artists and songwriters, of course, have hit out at Trump over him using their music without permission ever since he first started dabbling in politics five years ago. And as the US President’s stint in power has become ever more controversial, an increasing number of those musicians have started talking about taking legal action.

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Unconventional: In 2020, Music Continues To Galvanize Voters

Every four years millions of Americans find themselves glued to their TVs for nights on end as part of a quadrennial summer ritual – not the Summer Olympics, but the country’s political conventions.

Although the coronavirus pandemic altered the mechanics of the 2020 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, necessitating remote tapings and audience-free speeches, core aspects of patriotic agitprop and soaring political rhetoric remained. And, for one of the conventions, music again played a starring role.

While the RNC focused on politics, entertainers guided the DNC, with celebrity hosts Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington and Julia Louis-Dreyfus introducing a notably diverse roster of performers. Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers made appeals to young voters. Prince Royce courted the Latino vote with a cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” and Jennifer Hudson performed another classic, Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.” John Legend and Common honored late Civil Rights leader John Lewis with “Glory,” their Oscar-winning contribution to the 2014 film Selma, and Leon Bridges addressed the Black Lives Matter movement with his new song “Sweeter.” Meanwhile, Stephen Stills and Billy Porter revived the ‘60s countercultural spirit with a rendition of Buffalo Springfield’s 1966 protest anthem “For What It’s Worth,” and The Chicks, long country music’s conscience, delivered a stirring, spine-tingling a cappella version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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Leonard Cohen estate “exploring legal options” over Trump’s Hallelujah use

The Leonard Cohen estate has said that it is “exploring … legal options” after Donald Trump used the musician’s song ‘Hallelujah’ during the finale of his Republican National Convention speech last week.

It has now emerged that the Trump campaign requested specific permission to use the song in a live performance at the RNC event, which was denied. Despite this, an operatic version of the song was performed by tenor Christopher Macchio.

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Streaming subscribers now total 99 million in the US alone

A new report underlines the scale of the streaming-powered music business.

Based on new research, the US has reached 99 million streaming subscribers and 117 million users of advertising-supported services, and more than $10 billion in revenues generated for the broader music industry.

According to the new Streaming Forward report commissioned by the Digital Media Association (DiMA), the music industry is on track to achieve all-time highs for growth and revenue over the next five years as the streaming revolution continues to drive the industry forward.

Total US music streams reached the one trillion mark in 2019.

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Download the full report at DiMA


#iVoted Initiative to Break All Records with Election Night Virtual Concerts
The list of performers is growing daily with over 225 committed thus far with many notable artists and another 700-900 more acts to be confirmed, making this the largest single night digital concert ever.

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Good Splits Launches New Royalty Calculator For Artists and Creators

Today (Aug. 24), Good Folk Music Management founder Jordan Mattison and New York-based digital agency Coalesce announced the wide release of its new free royalty calculator Good Splits, which aims to simplify the calculation and distribution of song royalties for artists and creators.

The goal, according to its creators, is simplicity: using sales and streaming data that is supplied by distributors, artists and creators can upload the data into Good Splits, input the information as to who gets what splits for each song, and calculate the royalties generated and owed, helping to clarify a process that is often murky and complicated.

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